DIY: Diamond Arrow Mixed Material Necklace

I wanted another boho-ish necklace so I set out to make one - I am still pretty in love with arrowheads, so I made one in that shape. And to mix things up a bit, I incorporated two materials - brass and wood - into this project. Ready to know how I made it? Read on for the tutorial after the jump.

Paint stick / any thick-ish wood piece
Drill with 5/64" bit
X-acto knife
1/8" Brass Tube / Brass tube findings
Paint / stain
Eye pins
Jump rings
Necklace chain

Cut up a triangle shape on your paint stick using an x-acto knife. It will take a while but be patient. You can also use a rotary tool, a hobby miter saw (this is what I have) to make things easier for you. I used a paint stick because that's what I had on hand.

Sand the sides of your triangle, as well as the edges. Also, if you're planning to stain it, you will want to sand the surfaces until the text on the paint stick disappears.

Mark your holes and drill. Make sure to go slow - and to not drill too close to the edges. Paint or stain after.

After the paint/stain dries, add your jump rings.

Now take an eye pin and insert your brass tube bead. Make a hook on the other end as shown on the bead on the right.

Assemble your pendant! Open up the jump rings on the wood triangle and attach your brass tubes.

Connect the two tubes on top with a jump ring.

Thread your necklace chain onto your pendant and you're done!

It kind of looks complicated but in truth it isn't. Took me less than an hour, and the resulting product (for me anyway) is very polished looking. What do you guys think? Would you attempt this DIY? Of course, always leave me your thoughts and have a happy week!
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  1. this looks really nice, you always get the best ideas! xx

    Martyna | NEON MIZZLE

  2. Hey,

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    Sergio Medeiros

  3. I love this! It would be just as cute with only the triangle as well, I need to go find some scrap wood now! I am totally pinning this for later!


    1. I know! I recently made those triangles as earrings. :) Have fun DIY-ing! :)

  4. hey baby! I love Yours blog! its very inspired. Can You tell names font what do You use on photos? I love them. All yours first post photo are cool!!

    Greets from Poland;*

    1. If I recall properly these ones are from this font designer, check her out - Fonts. Thanks for the compliment, btw! :)

  5. Very cute and looks easy!


  6. love this Aki !

    what is the paint that you used here on the triangle??

    1. Hi Pryanjana! I used a dark walnut colored stain to just color the triangle and have the wood grain show. :)

  7. What is "IMO"? and here's a link to a pair of earrings, quite like yours. I'm sure you remember...and I think it doesn't have a link back to yours!!! Oh no! oh yeah, does that Japanese character I typed last time mean "well"?

    Angeline (Ang or Angie)

    1. Angeline, IMO - in my opinion :) Oh, I saw those earrings! They are a bit like mine I suppose but idk :O


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