DIY: Two Week Schedule Desk Planner & A Free Printable

I'm trying to de-clutter my desk, and one of the things I needed was a two-week schedule dry-erase board. I have a monthly planner so only a two-week schedule board was necessary - to know which things I need to do as soon as possible as well as other schedules for the next two weeks. I found this metal magnetic board at Target and thought that it was the perfect size. See how I made this after the jump, and to download the free printable!

What I used:
Metal magnetic dry erase board
Clear contact paper
Cutting Machine

I wanted my calendar to be just inside the rectangle so I measured it. Next, I laid the text and lines out on Photoshop and then cut it with my cutting machine. 

After weeding out the excess vinyl and the areas I didn't want, I used clear contact paper to transfer my vinyl onto the board. Anyway, after peeling off the clear contact paper, you are done!

I love that I can draw stuff on the side too, or use them as writing space if need be. 

No cutting machine, or don't want to go through all of this? Lucky you - I made a free printable of this two-week schedule calendar that you can just size and use in your binders, tack on your cork board or just do whatever with! I made them in a few colors:

Click here to download the full-page version of it - the document consists of four pages of the calendar in different colors, in pdf format. And here to download the two-in-one-page one, also in pdf format and in different colors.

I like my handy little calendar, even if it's a little bit lopsided (trying not to be so much of a perfectionist here @_@). I like how the two-week schedule is just enough for my needs/wants. How about you guys, do you like using a weekly schedule planner, a two-week one, or a monthly one? Again, leave me your lovely comments/suggestions/violent reactions down below. Have a great weekend folks!
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  1. It's Friday the 13th, peepsles! Btw, this is pretty cute. Maybe I'll make one and stick it it my locker!

    Angeline ����✏������������⬛��������⬜��������◼������▫▪◽����➰������◻����◾����������������������♣✔☑����������㊙㊗����������������������1⃣2⃣3⃣4⃣5⃣6⃣��#⃣��

    1. BTW, I've just created a craftgawker account! It's fireandice, and I have submitted a carton wallet from spoonful! So excited!!!!!¡¡¡


    2. You should! and how are you liking craftgawker so far? :)

  2. Hi Aki! Thanks for this printable. I always think it is so generous when a fellow blogger shares printables! I will try to make one for my kitchen and use it as a meal planner.

    1. I love making printables! Have fun making it and thanks for stopping by. :)


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