DIY: Geometric Skull Shirt

I've been wanting a nice modern not-so goth looking skull shirt. So I DIY-ed my own, like I always do. This shirt can be made in lots of ways - you can stencil it and paint, you can cut it on iron-on vinyl or you can do what I did - cut it on fabric backed with a no-sew iron-on adhesive. Read on to find out how I did it!

While browsing the internet recently to look for some Halloween inspiration, I came across this really pretty geometric skull compact from Urban Outfitters:

Skull Hand Mirror c/o Urban Outfitters
...I thought it would be an awesome thing to put on a shirt. So I set off to recreate my own geometric skull design.

Want it? Download it by clicking the image, right-click and then choosing the 'Save As' option.  As I said, you can make this in a ton of ways - and you can also decorate a ton of things with this - make wall art to decorate your modern-inspired living area, make iron-on vinyl decals to put on loot bags, make paper loot bags or put it on a tote - the thing I like about this design is it isn't exclusive to Halloween so you can wear it all year round. I just discovered no-sew iron-on adhesive a few months ago and I've been loving every minute I craft with it. Kind of. But anyway, here's a list of the supplies I used for mine:
Thin, cotton fabric
No-Sew Iron-on Adhesive

So easy I didn't even take step-by-step photos anymore:
1. Iron on a letter-sized sheet of adhesive to a letter-sized sheet of fabric - you have to make to sure that the rough side of the adhesive is the side against your fabric piece. 
2. Print the pattern on the paper side of your adhesive. 
3. Cut it out and lay each piece (peeling the paper from the adhesive off as you go) as precisely as you can on your shirt. Make sure that the adhesive side is the side sticking to the shirt. (Shot from my Instagram last night -
4. Heat up your iron and lightly dab your pieces with the iron to secure them in place first, and when you've done the whole image, iron it again. And you are done!

In hindsight, I should've done the following things:
1. Use fabric that doesn't fray as much
2. Use fray-check on edges
3. Sew it down to secure

This won't really hold up to washing in washing machines so I suggest you hand wash it. I would probably sew mine down eventually when I'm not lazy enough to do it, but for now it'll stay like this. I cut mine using my Silhouette Portrait so I had the negative space saved up - I'm going to use fray check on the edges AND THEN iron it on a black tote.

I like it. It reminds me of those candy skulls...but without the candy. What do you guys think? And of course, if you're making this, in what medium would you make this in? Leave me your lovely thoughts friends! It always makes me happy to read your comments. Well, that's it for now folks, it's time to do finishing touches to my cosplay outfit - New York Comic Con is this weekend! Have a great week!


  1. Ooh! I might use this motif for so many things-! .........

    (clicking and whirring sound in background)

    1. Forgot to say, I'm Angeline!

    2. It's cool isn't it Angeline?! I'm so in love with it at the moment <3

  2. I'm not always into skulls...but this is awesome. I love how it turned out!


    1. Thanks Courtney, does it make you want to make one? :D


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