DIY: Lacy Lolita Cat Ears

Please excuse this photo of me.

Dressing up is fun, don't you think? ...although it may be just me not being able to outgrow my childish whims. But, Halloween parties means we all have to dress up - even grown ups, and it's the perfect excuse to wear something silly, something cuter, something different. I do have a few cat ears/bunny ears/panda ears in my arsenal of not-normal-people-wear, but they're more realistic looking than I want this time around. Although I still want this pair of brainwave cat ears. I set out to make some lacy ones inspired by Maison Margiela's Heidi cat ears but with a cuter twist! Read on to find out what materials I used and how I made it.

Supplies - make sure your main supplies are of the same color!
Pipe cleaners (2 pieces)
Thick-width lace trim
Thin-width (about 1/2") lace trim
Decorative mixed lace
Thin headband
Hot glue

Fold the pipe cleaner in half and sandwich your headband in between the 'prongs'. Twist to secure. Gently shape the two prongs into a cat ear shape - it may be easier to draw your cat ear shape on paper and then shaping the prongs by following the drawing. Twist the two ends, making sure the pipe cleaner ends are facing up so they won't dig at your scalp. Repeat this step to make another ear.

If you want a really plain cat ear silhouette on your head, you may want to stop now. It's easy, super fast, and you can take the ears off if you want the headband to be normal again. It's actually cute this way too, but I want more bling! So, more DIYing commenced.

Cut a bit of lace and sandwich it between the two prongs. Glue it to one side and then trim the excess. 

Glue your lace trim bit by bit - I found it easier to dab a bit of glue every centimeter or so, sticking the part of the lace (do not pull it taut, add a bit of excess) and then going back to the excess and sticking it down with a bit more glue to create a ruffled texture.

When that's all done, stick down the other fuzzy ear side to hide all the glue seams and make it look clean. 

You may want to stop here, too. But I wanted it to look cuter and lolita-inspired, so I added a ribbon bow and folded lace on the outer part of each ear:

I tried to attach a golden bell on each ear, and while it looked cute, it was definitely ear-destroying every time my head moved. It's shown on a blonde wig thing so you can see the headpiece better:

What outfit/costume are you planning to wear this coming Halloween? Tell me and I may be able to make a tutorial for it! I do want to know what you guys are going to go as. And of course, all your other lovely comments are oh-so welcome. Enjoy the weekend folks!
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  1. Great idea. I love them

  2. These cats ears look sweet and naughty at the same time...very cool

    1. And you can totally take out the additional lace and ribbon at the sides for an even naughtier look :D

  3. Really cute and vintage too! Pinned! New follow on google and soc media. Swing by:)

  4. :lol: it's angeline :pompom:

  5. i love this idea!! It's perfect for cosplay


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