FREE PRINTABLE: Bat Invites and Labels

So I coerced my brother into drawing some sketchy bats that I traced in Photoshop so I can share with you some Halloween printables that are less cute and a bit more realistic (cause we all know I can't for the life of me draw creepy things). Read on to download the printable!

These printables come in a variety of formats - a grunge version and a plain version for you guys to print.

Pictured above is the plain version - print it on plain paper, kraft paper or even subtly patterned paper; cut it up or cut around it like I did (of course I used my die-cutter for this). Print on 8.5" x 11" paper - each sheet prints two invites. Download them here.

Each 8.5" x 11" sheet will print 6 of these cute labels - again, print them on plain paper, kraft paper or what have you. Download them here. 

These subtly grunged version of the label looks awesome when printed on vellum. Download them here!

Finally, download the invite with the grunge background here, and the label with the grunge background here.

I feel like they are a step up from my printable Spooktacular party invites last year, don't you think? At least these are a teensy bit more creepy than cute. Download and use for your parties, my friends! Till next time!


  1. Your work is always so pretty! Love these! ^__^

    1. Thanks Katzi! I appreciate you saying that - makes me feel encouraged~! :3

  2. Hi Aki,

    I really envy that creativity runs in your family like that. You and your brother showed awesome teamwork here! Great job!! Thank you for sharing!


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