FREE PRINTABLE: Cute Halloween Cupcake Toppers

Just a few weeks until Halloween folks, and I have made another free printable that you can download. As most of you may know, I can never draw really creepy/cool stuff, so I always stick to the cute things. I made these drawings with the intention of stenciling them onto fabric loot bags, but then we all know I'm super kind of lazy and that takes more work than just making paper bags. I have made these into paper bags, but I shall share those with you in another day. Meanwhile, please enjoy this cupcake topper printable. Read on to get to the download!

As you can see, this printable comes in three designs - a cute toothy ghost, a toothy spider and a mod-ish looking skull:

These cupcake toppers measure 1.5" across, so all you need is a 1 1/2" circle punch to punch them out with, or cut them out manually - but seriously, invest in a circle punch at least, it's pretty handy! Download the printable here.

You can even print them on sticker paper and use them as stickers instead. I had some gray ones because my printer conked out for some reason.

Stick a toothpick onto the back of each circle if you're making them as cupcake toppers. Then stick them anywhere you like - I only had cinnamon rolls baked today so that's what I used as a prop :)

See, even cinnamon rolls can become Halloween-appropriate with some cupcake toppers! I hope you guys liked this printable - and I hope you put it to use! I'd love to know what you'll use it for. But really, would the drawings be better off as a bag print? I kind of want to make a canvas tote with these now. Anyway, leave me your thoughts, comments, suggestions or what have you - I always like reading them. Again, have a great week :3

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  1. They're adorable, Aki!!!!!! That pic of the cinnamon rolls, or gif should I say, makes me a little hungry, but there's a little chocolate cake in the refrigerator. Off to have some now! Oh, and I saw the, erm, grammar revision. LOL!!! 1⃣����♻️����������������㊙️㊙️��㊗️

    1. If you check this link out,

      and scroll down a bit, that "Bravo, Young Artists!" title has a photo of the "young artists". The girl in the sequin black dress clutching her arm is me!


    2. Thanks! And I know right - when I was editing the photos there were no cinnamon rolls left, so I got super hungry lol :D And you are too young, you make me feel old :DDD


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