DIY: Easy Pyramid Stud Hairpins

I still love studs and I love wearing stuff on my hair, so when I was thinking of something easy and fun to whip up I thought of making these pyramid stud hairpins. It's a good way to use up the pyramid studs that I ordered ages ago but never used, so it's all good. Read on to find out how I made this!

What you need:

Pronged pyramid studs - the kind you use for clothes
Hair pins
Hot glue (not pictured)

Fold the prongs inside using your fingers - since the metal they use is usually malleable, it's easy to just fold it without tools.

Cut up a piece of felt that's partially thinner than your pyramid studs. Start gluing your studs down and cut up the excess felt. 

Cut up another piece of felt that's the same size as the felt piece with the studs. Sandwich that piece of felt between the prongs of your hairpin, and glue your studded felt down. You are done!

You can make a ton of these with just a few supplies and in under 5 minutes - it's that easy! Perfect to give away to friends or as stocking stuffers for the holidays. What do you think - still into the stud trend or not? Leave me your lovely thoughts friends! Have a good, erm, rest of the week!

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