DIY: Holiday Phone Charms

I recently came across some really cute wooden gift tags at Target that cost about $3 for 24 pieces. Using them as add-on tags for Christmas gifts are cool, but wouldn't it be cooler if we used them for something else... say, a phone charm? Craft some up with this tutorial and give some to your friends and spread the holiday cheer. As an added bonus, I made a printable so when you give it to them it'll come in a pretty package! Read on for the tutorial and the download.

Wooden gift tags - pictured below is the one I bought from Target
Leather cord
End caps
Dust plugs
Jump rings 
E6000 glue
Flat-nosed pliers
Nail polish - or other paint of your choice
Gift Package Template - download them at the end of the post!

Just look at those pretties. They are really affordable at $3 a pop.

When you open the box this is what you get - four different wooden tags. I love the snowflake the most!

Let's make the dangling part first. These are what you will need, apart from scissors, your flat-nosed pliers and your E6000 glue. Alternatively, you may skip this part if you have some phone straps. Since I didn't have any laying around, I made them from scratch.

Start by cutting a length of leather cord and squeezing the ends like so to fit inside the end cap.

Thread your dust plug in before gluing the ends of the leather cord inside the end cap. And now you have a phone strap/dust plug! Let's make the charms next.

Paint them with nail polish - or any multi-surface/wood paint. Let them dry before painting the other side. You may also use spray paint if you want.

When that's dry, attach it to your phone strap by using a jump ring. And that's it!

Seriously, this craft took me less than 30 minutes to make. That comes with the drying time!

You can paint it different colors, or go au naturel or even add tassels and other embellishments like I did with the snowflake. Of course, since the snowflake was mine, I painted it with my go-to color - gold. :)

Download the packaging that you see above here. The printable comes in a PDF file, with 5 sets of the packaging on the page. Print it on white paper, kraft paper, or even subtly-patterned paper and spread a little Christmas spirit!

I think I'm in full Christmas mode because of all the Christmas decorating I've been doing around the house. It got stalled a bit cause we all decided to manually change 1000 pre-strung multicolored lights into clear lights on the Christmas tree - and we're still doing it. My thumbs hurt. But anyway, what are you looking forward to this Christmas? I know Thanksgiving hasn't passed yet, but still, let me know! Have a great weekend you guys!

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  1. So cute, Aki!! I love it with tassel but I love the colorful trees too.

    1. I actually wanted to put tassels on them all! Heehee. Thanks Onel! :)


    I wish i could get these charms too!!

    1. Thanks! :) Look around, you might find something of the same sort somewhere!

  3. This is so smart! And I love the way you packaged them!

  4. THEY ARE SO ELABORATE AND PROFESSIONAL-LOOKING!! LOLZ. Anyway, I haven't visited in a while! You know those wooden stars you used to make the hair chain? I might use those because I just got a phone a coupla weeks ago. Thanks again!


    1. That's a great idea Angeline! I just remembered I still have a ton of those laying around. Must make that too! :)


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