DIY: Make your own Modern Cameos

I couldn't do anything at all last week, like seriously. I was in bed the entire week! I'm recovering now and hopefully soon I can get back on track with things, but let me point you to my guest post last week at A Nest for All Seasons: Make a Modern Skull Cameo! 

Seriously guys, this craft is so easy - like 1-2-3. And you can make tons with this, not just the gothic stuff. You can switch out the cameo center for different seasons, use different colored paper, use glitter... the options are up to you. 

I am going to make a navy one with an anchor, btw. And I shall make it into a barrette...or maybe a brooch. Or a necklace.... urgh, I don't know! Haha. Anyway, check that tutorial out over at A Nest for All Seasons and come back later this week for a free Thanksgiving printable. Toodles for now!


  1. Ooh they're so cute!

    Yeah, maybe my skin and hair would look good in gold...especially in the hunger games. *sigh* (argument lost)


  2. The link is not bringing us to any page but a blank one. Is the URL correct?

    1. The link is correct although I suspect the site might be down at the moment. @_@


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