Handmade Holiday Presents: DIY Cat Photo Pouch

Over the next few days I'll be posting my special holiday series. Yay! So just stay tuned for the next projects. 
I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed making them!  

This photo pouch is easy to personalize to whoever you're giving it to. Incidentally, my fiancee's family are big cat lovers so I figured I'd make some cute cat pouches to give. It is so easy and looks so pro as well. Ready? Read on for the tutorial and then give it a go!

T-shirt transfer paper - for dark fabric
Plain fabric for the outer part 
Lining fabric
Medium-weight interfacing
Sewing machine

First, look for a really cute photo of what you want to put on your pouch - in my case, I wanted a cat so I looked for one - here's the image I used. Size that onto your paper using Photoshop (or Word, maybe?) and adjust the saturation. Print that out on transfer paper and follow the instructions on the package (mine says to wait 30 minutes or so before fiddling with it). Of course I didn't want to waste the rest of the paper so I went and found me a really cute photo of grumpy cat. Heehee. Note: Be mindful of the resolution of your photo, if it's small and you attempt to print it on half a size of transfer paper, it might pixelize. Iron onto fabric the same size as your print.

Now cut the rest of your stuff! I cut - two of the outer fabrics (with the print ironed on to one of the fabric pieces), two lining fabric pieces and two interfacing pieces - all the same size. Assemble your pouch! Refer to this tutorial if you're new to making them (and no, I am not saying I'm pro at this, I still suck at sewing lol). 

Almost halfway there!

And done! It's a wee bit lopsided but it's okay. I love it. I added a zipper pull cause you know, everything's cuter with a zipper pull.

You may want to re-iron your pouch to remove the wrinkly-ish parts resulting from turning it out. But of course, be careful. You don't want to ruin your print - so use that thin paper that goes with the package over it again when you're ironing it.

As you can see, it easily fits my phone - but maybe not that notebook. Heehee. Fill it with additional goodies and then wrap it up! Or you can, you know, keep it and use it. I'm kinda tempted to do that...

Stay tuned for the next installment of this series! Leave your comments below and tell me if you're making this - and what photo you'll put on it. :) Have a good day friends!
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  1. Love this! My kid is insisting I make one for all the cats he knows. What size was your final pouch?

    1. Mine measures 5" x 7", but that was just using half of the transfer paper (because I wanted to make two). You can re-size whatever photo you use on the whole paper if you want a bigger one (that would be roomy enough for readers and tablets). :)

  2. Why do you specify transfer paper for dark fabrics? Seems your fabric is light? I never used the dark one, only used the light fabric paper..maybe I missed out on a good thing?

    1. That's only because I only tried this project with transfer paper for dark fabrics (what I had on hand). I can't guarantee the same results with light fabric transfer paper. Although, if you try it, let me know! :)

  3. Instead of kitty, you could substitute photos of loved ones instead. My sister would love getting this pouch with photo of her granddaughter printed on it... Joy, in Sacramento

    1. Yes, that would actually be the perfect gift for grandmas :3

  4. Oh my gosh...that is too cute! Great idea.


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