Handmade Holiday Presents: DIY Himmeli-Inspired Necklace

I just love how simple and yet impactful a himmeli can look. What is a himmeli? They're traditional Finnish Christmas ornaments (see here). I'm attracted to the geometry and structure - it's so clean, so simple, so...minimalist. I attempted to make a himmeli pendant, though it looked too inconvenient to wear as a pendant, so I made just one side of it and it turned out perfect - it would be a great gift for someone who loves minimalistic-ish jewelry. I made it with the brass tubing I used for the mixed material necklace, the curved bar necklace and the scallop bar necklace. As you can tell I am pretty much in-love with this material. Anyway, read on for the tutorial!

Brass tubing, or straight brass tubes in two lengths
Jewelry or craft wire
Jewelry pliers
Jump ring
Necklace chain

Cut up your brass tubing if that's what you're using. Refer to this tutorial on how to do that. If you're using pre-cut brass tubes, of course you can ignore this step :D

Cut up a length of jewelry wire and thread your tube beads like so the two longer ones on the outer edge and the two shorter ones in the middle. 

Form into a diamond shape like so and wrap one end of the wire around the other a few times. Cut off the excess. 

Make a loop with the other wire and wrap it once around the base to secure. Again, cut off the excess.

Attach the middle part by cutting a length of jewelry wire, threading tube and wrapping each end on each side of the diamond as shown in the picture. It's much easier to use a thinner wire gauge. Cut off the excess wire.

Attach your jump ring and thread your necklace chain and you are done!

I like it simple like this. But if you want to amp it up a notch and make an actual himmeli, just make another pendant as above, bend the middle parts (where the short tubes and the long tubes connect) of both pendants and tie the top parts and the bottom parts together with some wire. And then add two more tubes on each side to properly space the pendant.

Kinda like so. But it's too..dimensional for a pendant. But to each his own - if you want to make something like this :3

I love it simple. And I'm pretty sure the friend I'm gifting this too will like it as well like this. How about you, which do you think is better? Leave me your thoughts and comments... also, don't forget to pin, like and subscribe if you haven't yet! Have a good weekend folks! :3

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  1. Lovely idea, I will definitely give this a try! Beautiful pendant!

    E from Helsinki, Finland

  2. So pretty--I can see why you're obsessed!

  3. I love this so much! What a fun gift idea this would be!

  4. I made one for xmas from paperstraws, not gonna make one anytime too soon.....


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