Handmade Holiday Presents: DIY Loom Band + Chain Bracelet

Loom bands are such a hit these days that it's a shame if I don't blog something related to it right? This goes out to all those loom lovers out there who love making loom band bracelets but are feeling too grown-up to wear them (must not be just me, right?!) IF SO, read on to know how to make these pretty part loom band - part chain bracelets. They're so easy!

Loom bands
Loom, or two pens
Chain - the chunkier the better
Rhinestone - sew-on with a setting
Eye pin 
Jewelry pliers

First of all, make your loom part of the bracelet. I made a basic fishtail bracelet using my sister's loom, but you could easily do this with just your pens, two fingers, or even a makeshift loom. Remember to make only half of a bracelet. 

Instead of finishing it off with a c/s/whatever you're using-clip, put a chain link on the end like so.

Do the same on the other side, then attach them with a length of chain. Since the loom band part is stretchy enough, a clasp isn't required.

Next, thread your rhinestone onto the eye pin and seal it by making a loop at the other end and cutting off the excess wire. 

Find the center of your bracelet and attach your rhinestone link. You're done!

I like how this project turned out - I've been mulling about this for weeks now, actually, but just didn't get around to do it until now. Plus my sister has been bugging me endlessly to make a loom bracelet thing to put on my blog...haha. 

You could also substitute the rhinestone with tassels, brass/gold charms or whatever your heart desires. It's a more grown-up style that still incorporates the loom bands. Kind of reminds me of those half rope/half chain bracelets, don't you think?

Now all that's left is to make a few more to package off to friends. In different more grown up colors. Or I may just stick with black. I dunno, I love the black/gold/rhinestone combination. What color would you make this in? Leave me your thoughts/comments/suggestions/whatever reactions you may have! :) Would love to hear from you. Have a great day!

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