Handmade Holiday Presents: DIY Name Keychains

Wow, it must be a record, me posting something everyday - but the third installment of my holiday series is here! Yay. 

These name keychains are so easy to make. They are perfect stocking stuffers or additional gift if you're feeling your gift isn't adequate enough. I decided to make these since my future mother-in-law has been wanting something like this ever since she saw the one I made for my fiancee, and then I got too amused and made more. Read on for the tutorial!

What you need:
Metal discs - I got mine from the Pillsbury cinnamon roll tubes at the store (grands-sized), or alternatively you can use sheet metal
Vinyl letters - or cut your own if you have a die-cutter
Decorative vinyl decals
Sandpaper - or a Dremel with a sanding attachment
Tin cutter
Jump rings
Keychain split rings

These were the discs I used - the ones found on the inside of the package capping the cinnamon roll glaze. I used them as opposed to the end caps found in each tube because they were nice and flat in the middle. As I have mentioned, you can just use sheet metal. I just used these because I've collected so many already. Haha! 

Cut them down to size with your tin snips. I recommend making a template out of cardstock and then tracing that. Mine was about 1.1" x 2.1" each. Don't forget to wear protective gloves!

Sand them down and round the corners with your sandpaper or rotary tool with a sanding attachment to get rid of the rough edges. You don't want your keychain injuring somebody, lol. I also sanded the front and back of the piece to give it a brushed metal type of effect... and to make some of the imperfections less noticeable. Also, don't forget to drill the hole where it's going to be hanging from.

Cut the name and embellishment on vinyl and then stick it onto the metal. I wanted mine to be slanted a bit so I stuck it like that. Cut off the excess vinyl. If you don't have a die-cutter you can also use vinyl letters and decorative decals you can get at the craft store.

Attach your keychain to the hole by using a jump ring. And you are done!

I cut up an owl for the back of the piece because his mother loves owls right now. I downloaded the owl here. For those of you wondering if this should be sealed, in my experience it doesn't need to be (I made one for my little brother for his school bag and it's been months already - still undamaged and in pretty good condition). 

I really like how they turned out. And I love the fact that I can personalize them to each person's liking. What do you guys think? I still have a lot of ideas to share with you so stay tuned! Also don't forget to like, comment, pin and subscribe! :3
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