Handmade Holiday Presents: DIY Dreamcatcher-inspired Necklace

The second installment of my holiday DIY series is here! Dreamcatcher necklaces are so pretty but I feel as if they're too...boho. I wanted to re-create it in a way that's edgier than its normal counterpart so I came up with this. It's easy to make as well. Ready to see how? Read after the jump for the tutorial!

O ring - such as this, you may also use a flat one, such as this, or maybe a split key ring such as this
Bead - recommended size is about 2/3 or 3/4 the size of your O-ring
Wire - same color as your O-ring. I used gold craft wire I got at Walmart. 
Jewelry pliers and wire cutter
Necklace chain
Jump ring
Dangles - spikes, chains or seed beads

Cut a bit of wire and loop it around your O-ring. Twist one end neatly as shown in the photo (super easy, you can do it with your hands - or with tools, as shown in this tutorial here, steps 8-10). Cut off that tiny excess part after twisting.

Thread in your bead, cut the excess wire and use your round-nose pliers to seal the end by making a tiny loop.

Push your bead back in the circle - this is how it should look like. 

I actually liked how simple it looked here, so I made one necklace with just that piece.

If you aren't satisfied with minimalistic goodness, there's a couple more things to be done - embellish with your dangles! As I have mentioned on the supply list, you can use a variety of materials for this - chains, straight brass tubes, seed beads - but I used spikes for mine to look more edgy. I used 5 - two small ones for the outer edges and three medium-sized ones for the middle. To achieve the graduating effect I attached a bit of chain to the middle spike. I used jump rings to attach them.

Space the spikes or your dangles by wrapping some wire in-between them. I instantly loved mine after this point - reminds me of steampunk-y stuff. 

Now all that's left to do is add your necklace chain. You can do so by just wrapping it onto the O-ring (making sure that your bead is centered and inside the wrap) or by attaching them with jump rings.

And voila! You are done. Well. Not quite - there's still packaging to be thought of. I like the idea of putting this in a fancy little tin and wrapping it with a big bow. I still have to think about it. Heehee. 

So, which do you like better - minimalist or steampunk? Honestly this project can be customized in so many ways that you can have the same basic materials and come up with different designs. I think I'm keeping this and will just make another for my friend. Again, I hope you enjoy this project as I enjoyed making them! Have fun and don't forget to comment - I really love reading and replying to them! Enjoy the rest of your day folks (too many enjoys. Hehe)!

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  1. It's so pretty! And those pouches were adorable.


    1. I know right. I just kept them instead of giving them to my friend, lol. :))

  2. I LOVE this, especially the steampunk one! If only I had these materials lying around at home!

    1. The O-rings I actually found at a fabric store for super cheap, and it's easy to source out the other materials and in the end, it's pretty cheap to make. :3

  3. Love the one with the spikes and coil

  4. I need to know where those spikes came from! I'm totally dying without them.

    1. I bought them on eBay and then spray-painted them. :)

  5. What a wonderful DIY dreamcatcher! I think I want to make some at home.
    By the way, I just created some dreamcatchers too ...


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