DIY: Panda-in-Love Sleeping Mask

January flew by so fast - seems like it was only yesterday we were celebrating the new year. Tomorrow we'll be another day closer to Valentines day. I know I've been constantly making Valentines stuff even though I said I didn't really like the holiday, but I guess I just love designing with hearts (I know, I'm a girly-girl at heart, it saddens me). Anyhoo, I've been needing a sleeping mask since I love sleeping in (and I absolutely hate morning light) - so I've made this really cute panda sleeping mask to share with you folks. 


Free Printable: 8-bit Hearts Triangle-Shaped Box

My fiance is a game freak, moreover, he is a lover of the old retro ones (the old Super Mario, Pac-Man, etc etc) and therefore, I try to get/make him stuff from the things he likes (although I tend to make the 8-bit characters because they're easier to make~) Anyway, with Valentines coming around, I decided to make some candy boxes with a geeky twist, and now I'm sharing it with you! 


On Being MIA and My Favorite Android App

Okay, so for some reason my laptop won't boot up - it keeps getting stuck on a black screen. It sucks! And since I do not back up any of my data (yes, I know, it's a bad habit, okay?!) all my logos and such are lost (I hope just temporarily). So while I'm waiting for my precious to be fixed, forgive the lack of DIY posts. Of course, I'll still try to make some stuff with this kind of crappy computer...


DIY: Gilded Ball Drop Earrings

I love browsing through online stores and most of the time I come across stuff that I think I can DIY - I encourage myself to DIY most things to save up money as well as to hone my noncreativity. LOL. Anyway, this time around I was browsing around Hautelook and saw these cute drop earrings - and it sparked some inspiration in me to do something similar. Read on to find out how I made these!


Free Printable: Robert Fulghum's 'True Love' Quote Poster

My favorite quote involving love - no actually, this is my favorite quote of all. I first heard this in a wedding video I was watching a few months (or thereabouts) ago, and I fell in love with it so much that I'm planning to use it on my own wedding vow. At the wedding video I was watching they said it's a Dr. Seuss quote but when I looked it up apparently it's quoted from two people - him and Robert Fulghum. They were slightly different from each other but I figured I liked Fulghum's quote more. Anyway, knowing my forgetfulness, I decided to make it into a poster...then a card, then a desktop background. I was undecided, okay? Haha. Anyway, I won't keep you long. Read on to grab the downloads!


Tutorial: How to Get Perfect Reversed V-Tips on Your Nails

Okay, so we get how easy it is to paint V-tips on your nails - just tape your nail and paint away. But what about those reversed v-tips? it's kinda tricky to get the same angle on every finger. I dunno if anybody thought about this already, but I wanna share with you how I do it. Well, read on!

Free Printable: Candy Heart Gift Wraps & Tags

Who doesn't love candy hearts? Or at least the cuteness of them? I know they may not taste very well, although I kind of like the first few ones I eat (and then I'd get tired of them). Candy hearts are the perfect little reminders that Valentines day is around the corner. So, I thought of making some cute wrappers with matching gift tags to share with you. And yes, it's still more than a month away - and while I'm not particularly excited about this holiday (no, I am not an valentine-hating person...though I used to be lol), I have prepared the following links for you to click and download.


DIY: Sparkly Gemstone Hairpins

A new year means a new color of the year to me. This time around, it's Emerald 17-5641, from Pantone. I love this color - it's near my favorite region of the color wheel and it's my birthstone too. So, what better way to incorporate this color into our wardrobes than by making some accessories right? Make these cute and sparkly hair pins for yourself to incorporate this wonderful color into your wardrobe.


DIY: 15-minute Earrings from Snowflake Felt Ornaments

So, every after Christmas, decorations and such go 50% off - some people like to shop around this time for decorations they will use next year. I, on the other hand, snooped around to see if I could use anything for my DIYs. I found these awesome snowflake felt ornaments for half a buck, and thought I'd make something out of them. I'm not sure if you could still get decorations this late now, but if you have one laying around or if you find one, you can make this. If not, well, there's always next time. :D


Start your Year Right: Free Printable Geo Thank You Cards

How about we all start the year with some gratitude? I have made these Thank You cards to share with you guys - they're perfect to give to the people who gave you gifts, you visited, etc etc this past holiday season. So why not download them and send one now :)

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