Free Printable: Calligraphic Thank You Cards

It's still not too late to send out those Thank You cards is it? I was making one for my fiance's grandparents who let me stay in their home for a very long time during my vacation, and I figured I'd share them with you guys. I am still very hung up in using calligraphic fonts to make my printables as you can see. Anyway, read on for the download!

These come in two designs, both are sized 5" x 5" when folded. Both are for personal use only, folks.

And this you can download here. You can even embellish them like I did below, adding round gold stickers to make some bubbles:

And there you have it. Still struggling to post these days, I may have acquired a bit of creative block. Hehe. Comments and suggestions are always appreciated - as well as pinning and sharing. Hope you're having a great year so far, guys!

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  1. Love these, Aki! The gold bubbles are a nice touch too! I was feeling some creative block after the New Year too, but now I've got a list of project ideas a mile long. It will come back to you. ;)

    1. Thanks Alexis! And lol, I'm still trying to get back into things. A really long vacation messed me up. :D Hopefully it'll come back soon!

  2. They're so pretty! I like the stickers. Of course they're gold. It dresses up the black and white.


  3. Thanks Angeline! Happy New Year to you! :3 And yes, of course they're gold. :D

  4. These cards are so cute!

  5. super simply cute!! Thank you!


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