Free Printable: Geeky Pokemon Valentines Cards

A holiday can't pass without me making something geeky - I just have to cater to that side of me. So after playing Pokemon X for a month now (and seeing a quote in a facebook group) I decided to make these cards. I know, two of the designs you'll only understand if 1.) you play pokemon, 2.) the person you're giving it to plays pokemon and 3.) you look it up. But it's fun and I think any pokemon lover you're giving this to will appreciate it. Read on for the download!

These cards are 5" x 5" in size, and come in a pdf format. I feel like I have to explain this so I will:

On the left is a diglett saying 'I really TM28 you'. TM28 is a move called Dig. So it's actually saying 'I really dig you'. Download that here. On the right you can see an oddish saying 'I miss your TM12'. TM12 is a move called Sweet Scent in Generation 2 only (I didn't really realize TM12 changed from sweet scent to taunt from Generations 3-5, so use caution when using this card :D). Download that here. 

If not, I made a simple pokemon card with a luvdisc saying 'Happy Valentines Day'. Isn't it cute? Anyway, download that one here

So there you have it - I may have gone full-blown geek on these printables. I made a special one for my fiance that I may show you on Valentines Day. Did you guys ever play Pokemon? What/who's your favorite? Let me know in the comments! Also, don't forget to pin and share. Happy printing!


  1. I love Pokemon! So I think these are especially awesome, and not at all geeky :p

  2. Great idea Aki! ;)

  3. OMG is that leet (1337)?! I love geeky things! Cute!

    Angeline :)


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