Happy New Year Guys! What Have I Been Doing?

So, first post of the year. It took me this long to post because I just came home from an awesome vacation a few days ago - the Christmas clutter is still very prevalent in my room, and I just can't get out of this vacation-feeling. I'm struggling to get back to the norm - so please bear with me! Warning, this post is about to get a bit more personal. I feel so blessed having been able to spend the first week of the year with my fiance, and although I am kind of having separation anxiety, I loved the trip overall. 

We went to Toronto to visit the World's Biggest Bookstore which apparently closes in a few weeks (so if you're near there, you might want to check out the good deals). 

I got a couple of silicone trays from there for cheap - as well as a couple of books and random stuff, of course. 

Super overcast weather, but it was all good.

And then we drove to Ottawa (not on the same day, and it was our first roadtrip alone :3) just to skate on the Rideau Canal (nope, I don't really know how to skate) - and try the Beavertails. You guys, I must learn how to make those. They're better than funnel cakes. But they have yeast in the recipe I found online...so, it might take me a couple of tries before I get successful with them (I am terrible with yeast). 

I also got two Star Wars silicone molds from the mall near there. Yep, I have an obsession with molds. I already know what I'll be making with them - so stay tuned for that!

And these here critters covered in cheese and bacon flavoring. And a scorpion lollipop, and some chocolate-covered ones crickets too. I must say, the cheese and bacon one tasted like corn nuts.   

First roadtrip alone! And I loved it.

Long distance relationships are so hard. But reprieves like this remind me why I hold on. I apologize if this post isn't the normal DIY stuff that I usually do, but I just wanted to share with you guys what I have been up to :) Thank you for all of you who have supported this blog this past year, and I hope you will continue to support it this year.


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