DIY: Fishscale-Patterned Eyeglasses Case

Sometimes I think too much of what to do for the day that I end up not doing anything productive for that day. I've been like that recently (plus the fact that I've been reading lots these days too). In my quest of searching-for-something-to-do, I have fallen quite obsessed with patterns - fishcale patterns, to be exact. And what does a crafter do when she doesn't have access to these pretty-patterned fabrics? Of course she makes them herself. Read on for the how-to!

Using some of my favorite crafting materials in hand, I made some printed faux leather sheets to play with in the next few days (or depends, you know how I am sometimes).

Contact paper / Vinyl
Fishscale pattern template - I used this one I found on the internet
Spray paint
Leather / Faux leather
Sewing machine / Needle & thread

Print and cut your template. This will be much easier with a cutting machine, but by-hand would work as well (especially if you have an abundance of patience in your arsenal). Adhere to your leather, making sure to press the contact paper firmly onto your material to lessen any chance of paint leakage and then spray with spray paint.

Let it dry and peel off the contact paper afterwards. I love this part - you slowly see how pretty it becomes!

I went for the gold-on-black pattern, because honestly, I don't think I'll get tired of that color combination in the near future. I know I have to vary my colors, be more in-trend, but there is something timeless and sophisticated about this color combo, no?

Next, I just cut the case down to size, used a corner punch to round the bottom corners of my case and stitched around. And it's done!

It did turn out okay, in my honest opinion. A couple of imperfections but I am thinking of a way to fix them. I have a couple of other things I want to make.

How about you, what color combination would you make this in? Or what would you use this print for?
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  1. I really like this simple but effective colour combo, nothing wrong with a classic!

  2. This is beautiful! So classic and so elegant (and ridiculously easy!) xo

    1. I know right! Now you know why I'm obsessed at making these. :D

  3. so classy, maybe the pouch requires a tab? but otherwise it looks like printed leather - seriously

  4. It looks like it's inspired by Japanese art. Pretty!

  5. very nice looking case/print. the black and gold looks lovely together. it came out great. i second the suggestion of a tab and maybe add a felt lining to keep the glasses from getting scratched.

    1. Thank you for your suggestion Jonelle! I will definitely keep that in mind the next time I make a case :)


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