DIY: Jumbo Heart Bobbi Pins

I found a heart garland in the Valentines section of Dollar Tree a few weeks back - it had somewhat big heart beads (I'm not even sure if you can call them beads cause they're ginormous) and some magenta-colored pearls strung up on a ribbon. I wanted to make something a la with it - quirky and fun, but also something I know I'd want to wear. So I busted out my gold spray paint again (who am I kidding? I never put that away) and set to work.

Big plastic heart beads
Spray paint / Nail polish - or whatever medium you prefer
Big bobbi pins
Hot glue gun

This is the garland I was talking about. Unpacking it would show you..

A mess of pretty hearts and beads strung up.

I got 6 in one garland, so it's really cheap too. I spray-painted the hearts in gold, but you may also paint them in different colors - I was thinking pastel-y colors but then that paint doesn't dry up as quickly and I wanted a really quick craft.

Spray paint both sides and leave to dry. Cut off a bit of felt and sandwich between your bobbi pin prongs. Glue the heart onto the felt and you are done! We have done this quite a lot of times so you guys should know the drill by now :D

You can use bobbi pins or stick it onto a headband. In fact, you can also make a brooch out of this! But you know, I stayed with bobbi pins cause you know I'm obsessed with my hair accessories.

Why not give this to your girlfriends? Make it in different colors and then you can all wear this on Valentines day - or any day really! 

Okay, I am having that urge to make a radiant orchid-colored version of this. Lemme do that now. 

What color would you be making this in? 

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  1. Cute as always and also easy to make ;)

  2. Awe, I <3 your heart clips!!!!! Pinning and Sharing:)XO

    1. Thank you for pinning and sharing! Totally appreciate it. :)

  3. Yay my power just came back!! Anyway, good job on these. If in a solid color, I'd do neons, pastels, white, black, or gold (surprise, surprise). Maybe white with black/gold/pastel stripes or polka dots!



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