DIY: Panda Phone Sticker + Free Panda Graphic

Sometimes phone cases have undesirable writings on them. One of my phone cases do - it has the brand name or something like it and I really really don't like how it looks. I've been thinking of covering it up with something cute so I drew a panda and cut it on my Silhouette machine.

It was really easy to whip this up with my Silhouette machine. If there weren't any markings on my phone, I would've ditched the white panda skin and just used the black outline and details. But alas, I am not that lucky, so I had to layer some vinyl. To make your own, here's what you should do:

First, measure your unwanted marking. Mine was about an inch.

Download the panda graphic (remember, it's for personal use only!) and trace on your Silhouette Studio. Cut out the backing in white, and the outline in black and then weed the unwanted space.

Use clear contact paper to layer the outline and the base - you will get a cleaner layer like this as opposed to using non-clear transfer tape. And then adhere onto your phone case! Voila, you are done.

It was so easy it didn't even take me an hour (from drawing the panda to sticking it onto my phone case). You can also use it to embellish other things - like maybe your laptop, tablet, etc.


I just love pandas. What's your favorite animal? Please don't forget to pin and share if you loved this tutorial! Enjoy your weekend guys!


  1. oh well, I'm in love with so many animals that I can't choose one!! Anyway thanks for sharing your panda, it's sooo cute!
    Irene xxxxx

    1. I am too, but I'm mainly in love with pandas, cats, turtles and owls. Thanks for dropping by! :)


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