Doodle Day: On Relationships

I love doodling. I never really improve on it though, either due to the inconsistency of my doodling practice or it's just not for me. I'd always think 'hey, this would look good on print' but then when I scan it and try to fix it on the computer it just turns out lacking. I know I'm far from fancy word art that a lot of talented people do. I would overdecorate it, or mis-draw something and it'll be ruined. But I suppose I want to share it, or at least chronicle the fact that I have made something like it before throwing it out, so occasionally you may spot some word doodles and (trying-hard) calligraphy art (keyword there is trying hard,lol). 

I am stuck on this phrase. I read somewhere that this is how marriages are - or maybe relationships, in general. It's always a leap of faith - to entrust someone your life and your future, knowing full well that people change, situations change and plans rarely go right. To not know what's going to happen next, but choosing to have faith in what's in store. I guess I am feeling melancholic (I know, I rarely write about personal stuff). But yeah, if it's worth it, always remember to take a leap of faith.


  1. Despite your melancholy, I hope your leap of faith comes soon! :) Good luck, Aki!

    1. Aww, thanks for the encouragement, Angeline!


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