DIY: Gift Topper Headband

Sometimes the simplest crafts are the most rewarding ones in my opinion. This flower headband comes together so easily - it didn't even take me 5 minutes. I made this for my sister who loves collecting hair accessories (like me). It's also really easy to change this up - stick this onto a brooch pin for a flowery brooch, make a lot for bridesmaid hair accessories, etc - again, the possibilities are endless (that may be my most favorite quote now :O)

The only things you will need are the following:
Flower gift topper - or make your own
Enamel dots / Brad / Bead
Felt piece
Headband / Hair elastic / Alligator clip
Hot glue gun

These flowers are easy to make - there are tons of tutorials all over the internet illustrating how to make these pretty things - but sometimes, you just want something easy to do, right? And making flowers from scratch would take more work. Plus I got this on clearance at Target :) 

Take off the sticky back - this is what you would normally use to stick the topper onto your gift, but since we're not doing that, just peel it off.

Find the center of your flower and distribute petals until it's mostly even looking. Stick a brad, enamel dot, pearl, or maybe even a decorative button on the center. I used an enamel dot - did you know you can make your own? I'll post different ways on how to make those in a few days so stay tuned :)

Cut out a small piece of circle from leather or felt and stick your flower piece on it - making sure to sandwich your elastic headband in between. To make it cleaner, ensure that the seam of the elastic headband is inside this circle sandwich.

And that's it! I told you it only takes a few minutes. I love how the enamel dot on the center looks like candy. Love hair accessories? Look at this list of all my hair accessory tutorials and knock yourself out :)

What would you use this piece as - a headband, a hair clip, or something else? Don't forget to share and pin if you liked this craft, and comment too! I love reading all your thoughts. I hope you guys have a great week!


  1. Wow, Aki, this is great! I recently lost a headband similar to this one, but black. This is a great replacement! If you have time, check my tumblr out-- I reposted this on it, btw :)

    1. Aaaahhh! You have a tumblr now! Of course I'm checking it out. Thanks for reposting it Angeline! :) You should post more on your tumblr :D

  2. This DIY looks so gorgeous! I can't wait to try it out! Love your blog so much. xxx Tara

    1. Thanks so much Tara! Have fun crafting :)


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