First Time Making Paper Flower Corsages

So a few days ago a friend texted me and asked if I could make her some corsages and boutonnieres for her prom. I didn't want to make them from fresh flowers (because that means I have to make them the day-of to be their freshest and best) so I suggested paper flowers instead. They were okay with it, but I was nervous - it was my first time making paper corsages after all. But it turned out better than I expected so I wanted to share it with you guys!

To make this, I used the following templates:

and Supplies:
I made two sets - one in blue:

and one in gray:

It's basically just constructing the flowers and then arranging them to form your desired arrangement. Add the pearl sprays and the leaves, wrap them in floral tape, and then wrap them in ribbon. I had a bit if difficulty constructing the wrist corsages, but once I got the hang of it it became easier. I finished off the backs with felt to attach the bar pins for the boutonnieres and ribbon for the wrist corsages. 

Here's a closer look at the corsage pins:

And the blue:

I actually found making this enjoyable. I don't know which I like more - the blue or the gray. What about you? I hope this inspired you to make your own corsages for your prom or even wedding - hope your week is great so far!


Retro Glasses Sunglasses Case at Craftaholics Anonymous

I'm sharing how to make this sunglasses case with a retro-sunglass inspired print. I swear it's so easy, you'd want to make loads. For the tutorial and the template for the sunglasses, hop on over to Craftaholics Anonymous!

 Isn't the two-tone print just awesome?! Say I'm not the only one loving it like this. 

I think I'm going to make two more - one for my mother and one for my other pair of sunglasses. What color do you think I should do this in? I'm thinking pink and orange lenses.


Free Printable: Vintage Father's Day Card

Since father's day is almost here, I thought I'd make a simple father's day card that would express my gratitude towards my dad (even though he's a pain most of the time). I designed it to be vintage-looking, simple and without much ornament to be pleasing to the male eye - I have a tendency to overdecorate and with this project I tried to restrain myself. So, if you're ready, just read the post and scroll down for the download :)

You may have noticed I am completely in-love with kraft-colored cardstock for printed cards (it's why I make most of my printables in black and white). But you can certainly print them in any color cardstock you want. 

It comes in tag version, too. Perfect to attach to any gift you're getting for your dad. :)

Looking for more modern father's day cards or want less sentimental ones? Check out these printables out from last year. 

What did you get your dad for Father's Day? Hope to hear from you guys - I really do love reading each and every comment you leave :) Have a fun week and happy summer! 


DIY: Dangling Candy Earrings from Flat-Back Gems

I wanted some bright and colorful earrings for Summer trips and such - cause yes, summer is almost, finally here. I could've made them using traditional methods, but I wanted to utilize what I had on hand - a box full of brightly colored flat-back gems. I got it at Michaels for really cheap without really knowing what I'll do with it - I'm always like that (are you, too?!). Wanna know how I made these? Then check it out:


It all started with this box of pretties. Select the shapes you want for your earrings (two per bead you want to make). 

You will want to score the back of one gem from the edge to the center a few times until you gouge out a channel for your jewelry wire. 

Check every now and then to see if your wire fits inside the channel, and when it lays completely flat inside, glue it down. 

Glue the back of the other gem to the back of the channeled gem and you will have one bead charm. 

You may loop the end of the wire and make a dangling charm, or make another 'bead'. 

Loop the end of your wire to finish your dangling charm.

Attach your earring wires by opening the loop of your earring wire, inserting the dangling charm and closing the earring wire after.

And you're done! Wasn't that easy? I love that there are so many options for this - you can make a statement necklace by using these dangling charms - maybe I'll do that too and show you guys :)

What color combination would you use? I really hope you had fun with this tutorial, and don't forget to share your thoughts with me in the comments section below. Have a great weekend folks, and enjoy the start of summer! :)


Free Printable: Floral Homemade Mason Jar Labels

Things have been quiet here for a while - I know. My fiance surprised me and showed up unannounced and I was completely caught off-guard. Today I'll be sharing a printable I made to submit in a contest - specifically the World Label Mason Jar Label Design Contest - but for some reason, they only accepted one entry of mine, so I'm sharing this other one with you guys.

I've designed this so that the giver will have a space to write what's in the mason jar as well as the giver's name. Perfect for mason jar gifts, wedding party favors and such, don't you think? The photo quality is a bit sucky - I will fix that when I have the chance :) 

It also comes in two different sizes that you can use - the bigger one is about 2.5" in diameter, and the smaller one is 2" across.

Use the labels on top of your jars as well. 

I think it gives a nice touch to any mason jar gift. What do you think? Have a great day folks!



DIY: Fabric Flower Hairpins

It's that time of the month again for another edition of the Silhouette Challenge. I just love participating in this monthly thing - not only does it give me something to jumpstart my ideas, but it's also a great community of crafters. 

Anyway, for this month we were tasked to make something involving flowers - actually, I've been wanting to make paper flowers for months now but I decided to wait until just a few weeks ago (and now my desk is littered with paper flowers). But I wanted something I/my sister could wear - so I thought why not make it with fabric? I made really basic fabric flowers so you guys can totally make this without a Silhouette - I just don't like cutting most of the time :D


Cut up two same-sized sheets of your fabric, and cut up one sheet of same-sized fabric interfacing as well. Iron the rough side down onto one of your fabric pieces. Peel off the paper protector of your fabric interfacing, lay on your second sheet of fabric on top of it and iron that. In short terms - sandwich your fabric interfacing between two pieces of fabric. This will give you a nice, stiff fabric ready for cutting. 

I went onto my Silhouette studio and drew 1.2" circles and cut that up. With my kind-of dull blade, I used these settings: Speed: 5, Thickness: 33 and Blade: 7, set it to double cut and it cut up really cleanly. As I said, you can totally cut this by hand, I just wanted life to be easier for me. :)

Cut a slit from the edge of your circle to the middle (as shown in the photo). Do this for all of your circles! If you want a tighter bud in the center, cut a wedge on some of your circles (about 3 for each flower) instead of just a slit. 

Glue the two sides of the slit together by overlapping one on top of the other (or sew them, whichever you prefer) to make one petal. Again, do this for all of your circles.

Now start assembling your flower! Start with three petals forming the middle, and the adding petals around your main bud until you're satisfied with how it looks. For me, this usually takes 7-11 petals (look at the photo below). 

For the center I cut up a strip of black fabric, did the steps above to make it stiffer and cut up a fringe. I was considering doing this on my Silhouette as well since I didn't have fringe scissors, but then I thought that would be too lazy of me. Lol. 

Roll it up, and glue it down when you reach the end of the roll. Squeeze a dollop of glue on the bottom of your fringe center and glue it down the center of your flower.

Attach it onto a hairpin by sandwiching a piece of felt between the hairpin prongs, squeezing some glue on it and then sticking your hairpin. And you are so done! 

Make it in different sizes - on the photo above I used 1.2" circles and 1" circles and made a headband for my little sister - isn't she so cute?! She's growing up so fast. You can also add some leaf detail or make them in different colors or patterned fabric. It's a great way to use scraps! Alternatively, you can use pearls, beads, brads or whatever you want to put on the center. For the photo below, I used gold glitter cardstock for the center:

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What kind of flower do you guys like? Hopefully I've inspired you to make your own fabric flower hairpins! I wish you guys a great week :)


DIY: Chunky Shell Stone Bracelet

Let's face it - most of us are procrastinators (amiright?). But most of us want to give something personal and handmade to the special people in our lives to show we care. With mother's day approaching, here's a really easy jewelry DIY for your mom/mom-inlaw/mom's mommy friends - guaranteed to put smiles on their faces!


Here's the easy peasy tutorial:

First you choose stones/shells that are nearly identical in make. 

Cut up a length of wire and using a round-nose jewelry plier, make a loop on each end, sealing the bead between. Don't know how to do that? Here's a handy video tutorial that shows you how. Anyway, do those with the other beads - you want 3 or 5 (if you have slightly smaller beads).  

Link them up by opening one loop end and attaching it to the other stone's looped end. Repeat until you've linked all of your beads. 

Now it's time to assemble your bracelet - above shows you a sequence of how to assemble it using your jewelry pliers. I realized it was too big so I cut it down by half (2 chunky links instead of 4 on each side).

Here's how it looks like mid-assembly (with all my modifications). If it's too small or you want the option of adjusting the size, attach a bracelet chain extender, or just link more jump rings together before attaching the big jump ring at the end. 

After that, you're done! This project didn't even take 15 minutes. It's seriously that easy :)

My mom walked in on me taking final photos of this so she saw it already - and she loved it. Now she wants me to make more for her mommy friends. Oh, mother.

I loved this bracelet so much that I'm thinking of making one for myself as well. Would you make this too? In what color? Leave me your lovely thoughts in the comments section - I always love reading about what you guys are up to! Hope you have a great weekend ahead. 

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