DIY: Chevron Kraft Bags with Template

It seems to me that kraft-colored everything is very in right now. Is it? Or is it just me? Anyway, I got excited when I saw bright blue chevron printed kraft rolls in the gift wrap section of Dollar Tree. There were other prints too - but I wanted the bright blue one. It was pretty. I thought of what to do with it - and then I remembered I made my own kraft bags using the star-patterned kraft paper from the same store. And I never shared the template with you, right? So here I am. I'm a simple girl who takes delight in the simple things in life - like making my own kraft bags. So join me in making them!

You will just need:

To easily make a paper bag from a roll of kraft paper (or any gift wrapping paper for that matter), Take a sheet of normal printer paper and use that as a guide to cut up your kraft roll into 8.5" x 11" sheets. 

Feed the blank side up onto your printer and then print your template. Of course, it's even easier to use a die-cutting machine. I used my Silhouette Portrait - I've provided a .studio file for you guys to download as well.

Cut and fold, then cut the top part using some pinking shears or decorative scissors for added cuteness. Stick the flaps down (the longer one inside and the shorter one outside as shown in the photo) and you are done!

Alternatively, you can print the template on a cardboard sheet and use that as your guide. Personally, it's easier for me to print directly onto the paper bag.

Now, just embellish, print on them or do whatever you like! I like these because they're flat and it's easier to print on them than normal kraft bags from the store. Plus, for a dollar and some free time, you'd get quite a lot. And no, it's not really annoying to make them... I find it therapeutic :)

Would you make your own kraft bags or just buy them from the store? I hope this tutorial + template inspired you to make your own though. Have a lovely week friends!



  1. So gorgeous! Love the blue and the paper bags are such a splendid idea!

  2. I have some the that same paper. Genius! Thanks for sharing.

    1. Awesome, time to make these now :) You're welcome.

  3. Thanks so much, your bag file & tutorial are great! Best, CG


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