DIY: Dangling Candy Earrings from Flat-Back Gems

I wanted some bright and colorful earrings for Summer trips and such - cause yes, summer is almost, finally here. I could've made them using traditional methods, but I wanted to utilize what I had on hand - a box full of brightly colored flat-back gems. I got it at Michaels for really cheap without really knowing what I'll do with it - I'm always like that (are you, too?!). Wanna know how I made these? Then check it out:


It all started with this box of pretties. Select the shapes you want for your earrings (two per bead you want to make). 

You will want to score the back of one gem from the edge to the center a few times until you gouge out a channel for your jewelry wire. 

Check every now and then to see if your wire fits inside the channel, and when it lays completely flat inside, glue it down. 

Glue the back of the other gem to the back of the channeled gem and you will have one bead charm. 

You may loop the end of the wire and make a dangling charm, or make another 'bead'. 

Loop the end of your wire to finish your dangling charm.

Attach your earring wires by opening the loop of your earring wire, inserting the dangling charm and closing the earring wire after.

And you're done! Wasn't that easy? I love that there are so many options for this - you can make a statement necklace by using these dangling charms - maybe I'll do that too and show you guys :)

What color combination would you use? I really hope you had fun with this tutorial, and don't forget to share your thoughts with me in the comments section below. Have a great weekend folks, and enjoy the start of summer! :)


  1. The mason jar labels were simply adorable and it was so sweet of your fiancé! ^_^ I have plastic gems similar to these (they're those ones from locker chain decorations), so this is perfect!

    1. Thanks Angeline, and yes it is sweet :) When you try these don't forget to have fun and not be frustrated at making the channel! Glad to hear from you again! :)

  2. Love these! :) You are so talented, and your photography is always stunning. You're one of my new favorite blogs!

    1. Aww, I'm honored! Thank you so much Bethany! :)


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