Free Printable: Vintage Father's Day Card

Since father's day is almost here, I thought I'd make a simple father's day card that would express my gratitude towards my dad (even though he's a pain most of the time). I designed it to be vintage-looking, simple and without much ornament to be pleasing to the male eye - I have a tendency to overdecorate and with this project I tried to restrain myself. So, if you're ready, just read the post and scroll down for the download :)

You may have noticed I am completely in-love with kraft-colored cardstock for printed cards (it's why I make most of my printables in black and white). But you can certainly print them in any color cardstock you want. 

It comes in tag version, too. Perfect to attach to any gift you're getting for your dad. :)

Looking for more modern father's day cards or want less sentimental ones? Check out these printables out from last year. 

What did you get your dad for Father's Day? Hope to hear from you guys - I really do love reading each and every comment you leave :) Have a fun week and happy summer! 


  1. Loveeee this card! I had recalled seeing it when you first posted it (and loved it then!) and of course, my sisters and I totally forgot to get a card since we were so busy baking a cake - but then I remembered your card and it totally saved the day!! Bonus points for it being in black and white since we're out of color ink lol, thanks!! <3

    1. Glad you love it and were able to use it! :)

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