Bear Button Earrings at A Nest For All Seasons

I'm so excited to be back at A Nest for All Seasons - take a peek at what I shared there today - these really cute and easy to make bear button earrings, perfect for little girls and women who are into really cute things (like me!). 

Also available for download is a free printable for you to use if you're making these as summer / end of school year gifts. Heck, you can even use whatever jewelry you want to give out with these or even use it as a gift tag. I printed it on colored paper, but you can always print it on white-colored cardstock or maybe even patterned cardstock. 

And, these bear earrings were so easy to make - minimal supplies needed so it's a cheap and easy gift to give to friends and family alike. 

So check it out at A Nest for All Seasons now. Promise me, check it out okay?! Have a great week folks :)


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