DIY: Anthropologie-Inspired Diamond + Arrow Earrings

Okay - it's another case of I love the earrings, I don't really love the color and I don't love the price. When I was browsing the interwebs I saw these Flexion Earrings from Anthropologie, and while I loved the shape, the all-silver isn't really my style. And they weren't that expensive, but since the color is off, it wasn't worth it to spend the money on it. So off I went and made my own with super simple materials that you may already have at home!


  • Shrink plastic
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Hole punch
  • Sandpaper
  • Spray paint
  • Jump rings
  • Earring hooks
  • Jewelry pliers

From some shrink plastic, cut off shapes similar to the one pictured above. I drew the images on a template and used that as a guide so my pieces would be uniform. Punch holes with your hole punch.

Bake according to your shrink plastic package's instructions. Mine almost always turns out like this so I sand them, see below:

Sand the sides and surfaces of your pieces in a criss-cross manner to emulate the semi-polished brass look. Spray paint with the color of your choice (I used silver for the diamond shapes and gold for the arrows) and let them dry. 

Connect them with jump rings and attach them to earring hooks. And you are done!

Mine ended up to be about 2.5" in height - and I love it! 

What colors would you paint this in? Tell me in the comments - or any of your suggestions, reactions, or just plain whatever! Love hearing from you guys. :) Hope your week is still great!


  1. This is a really cute project! I'm going to enjoy trying it out. I think I'd probably paint mine silver and aqua. Can you do a diy best friend birthday card in another post? Thanks so much, Violet

    1. Thanks Violet :) I'll try and make one for a post soon :)

  2. I'm loving the Anthro I see here! ^^

    1. I love Anthro so much. Haha! Thanks Angeline :)

  3. these are beautiful!! I love shrink plastic!! a little tip to get them flatter after baking...while the pieces are still hot, straight from the oven, press firmly with a smooth glazed ceramic tile. you can also heat the pieces after the fact with a heat gun, then press.

    1. Thanks for that tip! I will definitely try and get some glazed tiles before my next shrink plastic project. :)

  4. Oh Now I need to add shrink plastic to my list of NEEDS! these are soooo cute!


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