DIY: Bow and Pearl Earrings

I know I've been making a lot of things with polymer clay lately (like these hairpins and this pendant) - and I hope you're still up for one (or two) more. I made these earrings after I saw inspiration online - I was sure I could make one for myself in the color I liked so I busted out my polymer clay (yet again - I can't stop!) and made these sweet little things intended for myself - love how they turned out but not how they look on me, so I ended up giving them to my little sister (who of course loves everything I give her). Wanna see how easy it is? 


Roll your clay into a ball and press firmly onto your bow mold (I used this one from Mod Podge - no, not a sponsored thing, I bought it for my own amusement) - to peel it off easily you may want to coat your mold with baby powder or water. Pop that in the freezer for about 10 minutes to harden. No mold? It's easy to make your own 3D bows using this tutorial. 

Carefully cut off the excess using a box cutter while it's still cold to lessen deforming the piece. I prefer using box cutters over x-acto knives most times because they have longer blades. 

Put it back in the bow mold and push your earring post in - if it doesn't stick, don't worry - you can always glue them together with some E6000 after baking.

Bake your bows according to the instructions on the polymer clay package. Attach your earring posts if they failed to stick during the baking process with some E6000 glue.And there you have cute bow earrings! Now it's time to add some pearl drops. 

I made the pearl drops by threading it onto an eyepin, cutting the excess wire off and looping the other end to secure the pear in. Attach it by opening the bigger eyepin end onto the loop of your earring post and then closing the eyepin.

Congratulations! You are done! I really love how cute and girly these turned out although they're more for my sister than me. I probably will make one replacing the pearls with drop crystals or maybe even some chain - I will show you when I've done that!

Do you love playing with polymer clay as well? Let me know in the comments and I hope you have a great weekend!

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