Easy Watermelon Slice Pouch at Today's Creative Blog

Don't you just love summer fruit? I very much do - specially watermelon these days. Speaking of, there's been an abundance of fruit prints lately, don't you think? I decided it was high-time I make some fruit-printed ware - I shared how to make this really easy watermelon slice pouch over at Today's Creative Blog - check it out by clicking the photos below or the link at the end of the post! 

I love how it turned out! So perfect for the random stuff in my bag - I'm actually using this now as a holder for the random assortment of lip balms I always carry around. 

It's so easy to make but I shared a free stencil pattern for it anyway in case you guys want the exact same one I used. :) Don't forget to check the post out and have a great day!


  1. That is so cute! I am heading over there right now to see how you made it!

    1. Thanks Elsa! glad you like it. I hope you have fun making it if you do decide to :)


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