DIY: Jeweled Cuff

I almost always see jewelry online that I would like to buy, except they aren't in colors that I love. That's why most of the time I DIY (except for maybe stud earrings which I'm amassing these days). I've been meaning to make this bracelet for the longest time (I've bought supplies for it months ago) but didn't really have the push to do it until I saw a similar one from Anthropologie. It's mostly easy to make - so why not take the jump?

  • Brass cuff - mine was 1/2" thick
  • Jewel rhinestones on settings
  • E6000 glue
  • Drill
  • Jewelry chain
  • Jump rings
  • Lobster clasp
  • Jewelry pliers

Let's talk rhinestones. I got these at Michaels on clearance way way back. I always have difficulty finding ones I like - but I recently discovered a variety of them on AC Moore (so check them out if you have one near you). You can also always find them online - but I love being able to use a coupon :)

Drill a hole on each end of your cuff. This part was what hindered my progress the first time I attempted this project - drilling holes on brass is a bit difficult (specially for an unexperienced brass-driller like me). What helped was indenting where I wanted the hole with a sharp, tiny nail and a hammer, as well as lots of patience. I guess as long as you don't accidentally drill right on the edge it's all fine and dandy, right?

Anyway, after drilling those holes attach your jewels using E6000 glue. I always squirt out a bunch on a piece of paper or card (in this case an old and expired metrocard). Apply it using a cotton bud or skewer stick.

Add as many jewels as you want! I love odd numbers more than even though so I stopped after 5 (it would also look odd if I had an even number of jewels considering I have a center stone on mine). Wait for them to dry. 

Use a jump ring to attach a length of chain on one side of your cuff. Attach a lobster clasp on the other end of the chain. 

Attach a bigger piece of jump ring on the other hole of the cuff and you are done!

What I love about this project is the fact that you have the option to choose which color, shape, size of rhinestones you're going to put. Basically everybody ends up with different designs according to their preferences!

I love my color combination though. What rhinestone color and shape do you love?


  1. Ooh! I should make one with a black cross on it :D and gold too!

  2. Wow, really impressive! Love this idea, nice work! Welcome to check out my blog if you can!

    1. Thanks Daisy! I did check out your blog, and it's awesome :) thank you for dropping by!

  3. I could also see this as an upper arm cuff!


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