DIY: Multicolored Crystal Necklace

I am fond of interesting jewelry pieces - I'm not big on statement necklaces, not at all. I focus my attention more on simple necklaces with unique elements. And this one definitely is unique in my humble opinion. I've seen countless of necklaces with raw crystals, but rarely with one so full of color. I had to have it, so I looked for materials for it because, as you know, I always want to make my own. It's my perfect accessory for neutral-colored outfits. 


  • Multicolored quartz crystal
  • Jewelry wire
  • Jewelry pliers
  • Chain
  • Jump rings
  • Lobster clasp

When I bought my crystals, they came with holes pre-drilled. Remember me telling you about my tendency to not look at the measurements when buying things online? That happened again and I ended up with big crystals. I originally wanted to make earrings or a multi-crystal necklace, but I feel a single crystal is good, too.

Loop one end of your wire and insert onto the hole of your crystal - cut the excess and loop the other end to close. This one was a bit tricky for me since the crystal was flat and wide on each side but I was able to do it - the key to this is estimating how much wire you need for the loop, cutting it and then looping it with round nose pliers.

Assemble your necklace - I tend to not use jump rings to connect my chain to my pendant as seen here since I use non-soldered chain links, but you may if you want to. If using soldered chain links, you will need to use jump rings to connect your elements together. Finally, add you lobster clasp and jump ring as well.

It's that easy! I really love how it glints and changes color at every angle. I made mine extra-long to be worn layered with other charm necklaces. 

To give you an idea of the size - here's a photo of it in my hands. It's not so big but definitely not earring-material, not for me anyway. Would you wear something this big as earrings?

What kind of necklaces are you into?

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  1. I bought some of those same crystals on eBay. One of mine came broken--I was disappointed to find it's just colored glass, but they're still pretty.


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