DIY: Dainty Gold Insect Earrings for Halloween

I just love the assortment of plastic creepy crawlies that pop up during this time of the year - I always buy a couple and I probably have a ton of them in storage but new product keep popping up that I feel the need to buy. For example? These really tiny ant-looking insects that I don't really know the purpose of that I got at Dollar Tree the other day. I immediately thought of making earring studs when I saw these things - they're tiny and the perfect size! They were easy to make as well so why not read on and find out how? :)


  • Tiny plastic insects
  • 4mm Earring studs
  • Spray paint
  • E6000 glue

Here's how they looked like when I bought them - for your reference. I saw them at Dollar Tree with the other creepy crawlies, and they came in glow-in-the-dark (I'm figuring) and black. I got the lighter color as usually they're easier to color than the darker ones.

They're seriously really tiny - about the size of the tip of my finger. I only plan to make a couple of these (in rose gold, copper, gold and silver) so I still am at a loss as to what to do with the leftovers!

It's super easy to make these earrings - first you have to spray paint them. I usually paint the backside before the front so as not to mess it up. It also helps if you use a glue dot to hold it down while spraying. Wait for that to dry.

Attach it to your earring posts (I used 4 mm ones as they were so tiny) with some E6000 glue and you are done!

Here's a photo to show you guys how small they are. I tried photographing it while wearing them, but the camera just won't capture the detail! That and I'm just a noob at photography. Haha!

You can always paint them a traditional bug color, like these black ones for example. They do kind of look like ants to me, what do you think?

I still really love my gold ones though as they are dainty and chic enough to wear them after the Halloween season.

Would you wear insect earrings? Have a fun time making these! 


  1. Love how the transparent critters transformed into a pretty gold colour. Which brand of spray paint did you use? I've brought one before but I don't like its duller champagne hue.

    1. Hi Nassae! I used Krylon's gold metallic spray paint. It's more rose gold-looking than the Rustoleum brand when compared side by side. :)

  2. These look so pretty! What a great idea. I love this for halloween.

  3. Love this idea! I'm not one to have a soft spot for bugs, but these certainly look lovely!

    The Scientist Who DIYs

    1. They do, specially since they're tiny and not gross-looking. Haha! :)


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