DIY: Statement Necklace from Earring Findings

Everyone knows I love making jewelry. I also love repurposing materials - so when I got these filigree earring findings from Beadmixer (among other awesome things I'll hopefully be sharing with you over the weeks) I thought of making them into a statement necklace. See how I did it!


Layout how you want your earring findings to be. I wanted a cluster of three, so I positioned them like so. Be aware of where you want them to connect.

The ones I had had middles that I added cabochons to, so if you have similar ones attach flatback cabochons or something similar to them using E600 glue. Of course, wait for them to dry before proceeding to the next step. 

Cut off a piece of acrylic or plastic smaller than the statement necklace grouping. 

Attach your findings onto the plastic piece using E6000 and wait for that to dry. 

While waiting for that to dry, take some nail polish (that has a similar color to the cabochons you used) and paint the connectors. Wait for those to dry fully, about 6 hours. It might be best if you do this step the night before you make the necklace. Attach a clear glass cabochon on top if you prefer - but I like the look of flat discs so I left them like so. 

Cut up two lengths of chain (mine was about 2 inches each) and attach to either side of the main necklace piece. Attach a disc connector on the other end of each chain length. 

After this, determine the length of the necklace that you want, cut up a length of chain equivalent to it and attach one end on a disc connector, repeating the process on the other end. Find the middle of the chain open the link and remove it and you'll have to chain ends. Attach a lobster claps to one end and a jump ring on the other and you are done!

I love how delicate this looks, but it's really easy to make and is a guaranteed stunner. 

I would love to make other pieces like this, but maybe with more connectors or beads next time. Don't you think? Beadmixer has a ton of products like this, among others (rhinestones, dragonskin cabochons, a looooot of other awesome things) so be sure to take a peek at what they have to offer.

Would you wear a necklace like this?

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