DIY: 50th Birthday Party Decorating Ideas

I recently had the chance to slightly decorate the house for my dad's small 50th birthday celebration. You may have seen it when I posted some photos on Instagram. It was one of the reasons why I haven't been posting much, but... it was a blast - I rarely get to decorate parties. Does someone want to hire me? :) Here are a few photos plus a quick narrative on how I made them!

So here's our humble set-up: it's where the desserts went. I made some cupcakes, my mom made some leche flan (custard), and we bought a simple cake. We also added some other desserts that were still at the store by the time I took photos of the set-up. 

The humongous silver 50 on the background was made by using two foam boards (per number), cups inside for support and strips of white posterboard. You may have seen my sneak peek of it on Instagram as well. Want to make your own? a great tutorial for this would be this one from Cardstore. Tips: do not ever use spray paint to color your letters, I learned that when I did the back of these numbers. It will make the foam board bubble.

I made the bunting by folding some metallic silver wrapping paper from the dollar store (made 16 paper fans in total) and this doily pattern from the Silhouette Online Store on black cardstock. Hot-glued them alternately on string and hung them up using command hooks attached on the opposite walls.  

These cupcake stands were DIYs too! You may recognize the stands as candlestick holders from the dollar store topped with rectangular silver trays. Spray-painted them with some metallic silver paint for uniformity and voila! done. 

I inverted two candlestick holders to make taller cupcake stands so I'll get some levelling with the display. Never mind the empty cups - those were intended for a dessert that wasn't there yet at the time of the photo-op. Lol.

I must say, these cupcakes were to die for, never mind the horrid piping detail. I used the chocolate cupcake recipe from Bakers Royale's Toffee Crunch Cupcakes (which are really really good too by the way), and this really good cookie butter frosting from Eat, Knit & DIY. I may make more soon.

These cupcake toppers amused me so much. I took a photo of my dad when he was younger (maybe fresh out of school on this one?) and cut it on my Silhouette machine. I also designed the party hat he's wearing, cut it on the machine and dipped the top and the bottom parts in glitter. Can't believe I made this the night before. Talk about procrastination!

Finally, I made a special topper just for my dad - it says 'Vintage 1964' in black and silver glitter. He's old now. :D 

So there you have it! Just wanted to share with you folks in case you are throwing a 50th party for anyone really. I myself looked at a ton of sites to see what I could do. But in any party decorating, don't forget to enjoy making them or else you'd be really stressed. Have fun!


  1. Wow! Absolutely outstanding birthday celebration party ideas!! The humongous silver 50 on the background is looking so nice. I think I have seen such theme in one of the popular NY events. Can you tell me where did you get the idea?

    1. Hi! It's a mash of number ideas I've seen over Pinterest and just decided to try and make my own! :)

  2. Love the BIg 50! Would you have interest in renting it out? Have a party for my husbands 50th the end of May and I'm not so crafty!!!


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