DIY: Vintage Typewriter Keys Keychain with Free Printable

I have a thing for vintage pieces - I love going to thrift stores, antique shops and the like just to ogle at trinkets and such from the past. Sometimes these things can get expensive though, so I try to re-create them instead. Such is the case with these typewriter keys-style keychains. I thought it would be fun to give out something with a touch of old, but still personalized for the giftee. I also had leftover materials from my Give Thanks keychains that I made a while back for Live Craft Love, so those got utilized in this tutorial (I do seem to love making keychains more than anything these days, as I'm rapidly growing a collection of these little baubles).

  • 1" Circle Punch
  • Printable - download at the end of the post
  • Keychain ring + Lobster clasp
  • Epoxy dome circles or Glass cabochons
  • Flat Bottlecaps
  • Jump rings
  • Pendants (optional) 

Print the printable. I always use photo paper since to me it looks better than when it's printed on copy paper. Use your circle punch and punch out your desired letter (or number - yes, I've included numbers as well!).

If using an epoxy dome, carefully center your 'key' on the middle - it really bugs me when mine are off-centered. If you're using a glass cabochon, you may want to use Diamond Glaze or something similar to adhere the graphic to the cabochon. 

For epoxy domes, you will notice it looking like this when slanted to one side, and to some people, it can be unsightly. Solution? The next step!

Burnish the back of your image (when it's already attached to the epoxy dome) with a tool, in my case I used my scissor's handles.

Attach your epoxied-image onto your flat bottle cap, or even just a normal cabochon tray with a rolled edge. Personally I prefer this more as it looks more like keys, but I was using what I had on hand and it looks just fine to me. :)

Attach some jump rings onto the drilled hole of your bottlecap/cabochon tray like so, and then attach it to a keychain ring.

Personalize it more by including your giftee's favorite thing - in my case, my future mother-in-law currently loves owls so I incorporated an owl charm onto hers. My aunt-in-law absolutely loves cats so I attached a cat pendant charm onto hers. 

This would also be the perfect gift/stocking stuffer for a guy since the design is pretty unisex. And although I don't think I've nailed the font used on old typewriters perfectly, the colors and the overall look of these keychains do give me a sense of nostalgia for ye olden things.

Would you agree that these are good guy gifts? Sound off in the comments! I would love to hear from you. Have a great day folks!


  1. The PDF won't open due to violations in terms of service. Would you please post it in another way? Thanks!

    1. Weird, it's works for me. You can try viewing it before downloading :)


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