Easy Merry & Bright Burlap Christmas Banner at Live Craft Love

It's time again for another post at Live Craft Love - if you missed it, I shared it over there a few days ago. It's no secret that I love decorating for the holidays, so I shared a REALLY REALLY easy way to make a customized glitter burlap banner for Christmas.

Use it on your mantel, for photo shoots or even other areas of the house - I'll be draping ours over the big mirror on the dining area (and that's why it's a bit bigger than other banners). Interested in making one as big as mine? Well, lucky you - I shared a template on the exact shape of the pennant I used as well as the wording all in one pdf file.

So if you want to download that, or learn how to make your own (and have fun glittering on the way), head on over to Live Craft Love by clicking any of the photos above or the link below!

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