Nordic Snowflake Keychain at A Nest for All Seasons

It's almost winter! I can't believe it. Seems like it was just summer a few days ago... anyway, to help you get started with your christmas crafts, here's an easy stocking stuffer project. This was a really fun project for me! They're pretty easy to make, especially with a die-cutting machine, but don't worry - it's not that hard to cut by hand.

I think they're so fab that I'll be making a sweater with this design. I've always had a thing for pixelated things. Remember this shirt from last year?

DIY Pixelated Reindeer Shirt (click here for the tutorial!)
 So if you want to make your own nordic snowflake keychain, snag the free printable and make a super snazzy winter sweater - head on over to A Nest for All Seasons and enjoy!
Click any of the keychain photos above or the link below to go to A Nest for All Seasons!

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