Easy Velvet Typography Tote at Studs & Pearls

Happy happy December friends! If you weren't feeling it before, you must certainly be feeling it now - Christmas is in the air. That means a ton of people to give gifts to, decorating and baking. I always love this time of the year (but not quite all the hectic-ness that accompanies it). I love whipping up easy gifts and this time around I shared how to make this easy velvet typography tote on Studs & Pearls for their In a New York Minute challenge.

So what's the challenge about? It's a DIY that should be made in 5 steps or less, and this definitely fits that category.

You don't even need a die-cutting machine for this! Want to know how? Head on over to Studs & Pearls by clicking any of the photos above or the link below! Happy speed-crafting!

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