8-bit Heart Hairpins at Live Craft Love

All of you guys know how I love my hair accessories and how I love geeky things. I have made a couple of 8 bit items in these past years and featured it on the blog, such as these 8-bit heart sweets box for Valentines, and these Pacman + Ghost couple shirts. This time around, I played with some perler beads to make these cute 8-bit hearts as my contributor post for Live Craft Love - who knew they were so easy (and therapeutic) to do?!

AND YES - I have short hair! I haven't had this short hair in a veeeerryyy long time. It was an accident to have it cut this short, but well, what can you do? At least these hairpins look good :)

Well - what are you waiting for? Make your own by following the tutorial on Live Craft Love! Go there by clicking any of the photos above or the link below - happy crafting, friends. :)


  1. Totally cute! I played with those perler beads when I was a kid, but this makes me want to buy them again :)

    1. I did too - but they seem more fun to play with now than when I was a kid. Haha! I urge you to buy them again :)


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