DIY: Easy Heart Earrings

Sometimes you just need an easy craft for the day - I've said that many times on the blog, and yes, I stick to it. Sometimes you don't need anything complicated, just a one-two-three step project that will tide your DIY cravings until the next opportunity of crafting. Here's an easy craft idea - heart earring studs! I made these from my gigantic collection of vintage buttons but you can easily get them at any craft store or sewing store. Ready? here we go!

  • Heart buttons
  • Wire cutters
  • Metallic sharpie
  • E6000
  • Earring studs (4 mm - 6mm)

First off, choose your buttons. Can I take a moment to show you these cute heart buttons I have? I got them really cheap along with other buttons at a local antique/thrift store. If you don't have any of these, it's easy to pop into any craft or sewing store and get a pair of gold heart-shaped buttons.

It's basically the same as my Vintage Button Pendant tutorial - just cut off the back hook like so with your wire cutter. 

Fill in the back with a metallic sharpie if it's plastic - and then stick onto your earring posts with some E6000 glue. 

Wait for that to dry and you are done! Isn't it easy?

They're simple enough to wear not only for Valentine's Day but any day of the year - I love me some heart studs so I'll definitely be wearing this pair a lot!

Do you think heart studs are girly or just girly enough for Valentines Day? Sound off in the comments, and have a lovely day!

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