Reflecting On the Past Year + New Year Embossed Journal at Craftaholics Anonymous

I have been thinking of all the fun things that happened last year - opportunities, significant life events, new ventures - that it made me somewhat sad that the year has come to an end. I know, I have posted less and less, but I am aiming to post more this year - I've got my photography equipment ready to go and oodles of ideas to share with you guys. 

Let me take you back to the significant things that happened last year for me:
I continued to contribute to A Nest for All Seasons
I got to contribute to Craftaholics Anonymous
I got to contribute to Live Craft Love as part of the Darice Blog Team
I got to take part in various product review opportunities (I especially love my Vagabond House pieces)
I got to hone my graphic design skills further

And most importantly, I got married! And while this important life event may not be as fancy as I wanted when I was a kid, I am very thankful of the love and support my family and my husband's family has given us during this. It was an impromptu thing, and yes, we will have a big party to celebrate it at some point, but for now, here's a photo for you guys to look at. It's not great (who forgets to set their camera's sharpness?! I do), but I love it - and right now, life is awesome. Though I must admit, saying hubby or being introduced as 'Brian's wife' is still kind of weird. :)

But enough of the drama for now, to start the year, I have shared how to make a pretty (and gold! and shiny!) way to make your own embossed notebooks. I am loving the blank ones from Muji (they're cheap and with a kraft-cover) but wanted to decorate them a bit. 

And no, you don't need any special stamps to make these - curious now? Head on over to Craftaholics Anonymous to see how they're made so you can make your own by clicking any of the photos above or the link below. Cheers to a happy and blessed new year, continue loving to craft guys! 


  1. It's a little late but congrats to your wedding, Aki! Very happy for you! (^^)d


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