Chocolate Easter Egg Soaps with Free Basket Template at Live Craft Love

With Easter coming up fast I've really gotten in full swing of some serious Easter crafting. As one of my posts for the Darice Blog this month, here is a tutorial on how to make Chocolate Easter Egg soaps that look and smell like the real thing. So much so that you would be tempted to consume said egg even though you know it's not real. 

These eggs are cute and tiny as I used mini eggs but you can most definitely use normal sized plastic Easter eggs or even gigantic ones (I'm tempted to make one like that). As I have said, this is really easy to make - and you can package it creatively like this with the free basket template provided for download!

A Warning Advisory for parents with children and little ones running around all the time: Please supervise them when using these soaps as they will attempt to eat it (my nephew has reached for it and attempted to put them in his mouth a couple of times since I've made them). Please be cautious - I will not be responsible for any accidents in relation to this craft. 

Ready to make some chocolate egg soaps? Click on any of the photos above or the link below to get redirected! Happy Easter crafting friends! :)


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