DIY: Hopping Bunny Earrings

I just love the fact that bunnies get their time of the year to shine - of course not the center of the spotlight (as that's not what's Easter is about), but it's still nice to see a lot of bunny-inspired decor and crafts around this time. I was itching to make another bunny accessory before Easter comes along, so I drew this hopping bunny with the intention of making it into a necklace. You can definitely make this into a necklace, but I love it more as earring studs!


Print and cut your template onto shrink plastic. I used my Silhouette Portrait to cut my bunny, but it's easy to cut it by hand as well. I really love how versatile shrink plastic can be - you can use it for so many things!

Using your heat gun, shrink your bunnies starting from the center of the body. I prefer using the heat gun versus the oven method as I find I can manipulate smaller pieces (with finer details) like this easier. When they curl up and stick together just unstick the pieces and pass the heat gun over it again. Flatten with a piece of sturdy cardboard. 

I wanted to see how small I can make these pieces with so I cut a second set that's much smaller - I added that as the second set of bunnies on the downloadable template. 

Now you can paint them however you'd like! Since I already had my heat gun out, I chose to use embossing powder to coat my bunnies - if you want to see how that's done on shrink plastic, head on over to this word bobbi pin project where I show you how to do that!

Attach your earring posts with some E6000 glue and you are done! 

For stud earring lovers, the smaller ones are the perfect size! The bigger ones are obviously a bit larger but they still hang nicely on the ears. I am loving copper so I colored my smaller ones in copper, but used silver for the bigger ones.

If you find your embossed bunny a bit bumpy from the powder, just coat it again with another layer of embossing powder and it should flatten out nicely. 

What is your favorite Easter ornamentation? Sound off in the comments - I would love to hear from you! Happy crafting, friends!

                             Hopping Bunny Earring Template (PDF)


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