Copper & Gold Gem Drop Earrings at Mod Podge Rocks

It's been so quiet the past few weeks on the blog - I'm sure you have noticed. There's been too much life stuff that I had to do over the course of the past few weeks and until now it's still not done. I do have some stuff to share with you guys (like my grandfather-in-law's party cake, and a cut file to download!). I am pleased to share with you guys that I am now a contributor for Mod Podge Rocks, one of the sites that has inspired me for such a long time! For my first post, I shared how to make these two-toned Copper & Gold Gem Drop Earrings!   

It's no secret that I'm obsessed with my heat gun (provided to me by Darice) - specially when things cannot be spray-painted (due to my lack of spray paint on hand, the cold-ish weather and well, this material I used). I broke out my heat gun again for this craft but went and experimented with two-toning a surface. I didn't really research anything, just wondered if it would work. Not to say I'm the one who discovered it, somebody probably did ages ago (and I'm just slow at catching up with these things) 

If you are interested in learning how I two-toned these little gems - check out the post at Mod Podge Rocks by clicking any of the photos above or the link below! Happy crafting, friends!

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