DIY: 5-Minute Delicate Bracelet

With a few simple materials, you can make your own delicate bracelet in as fast as five minutes - yep, you read that right. I've been thinking of making a couple of bracelets for myself, but usually don't have any luck with finding the right gold color that I like - some are too yellow, too orange and even too pink. I recently spotted some delicate chain sets on sale at Michaels for a couple of bucks and didn't hesitate to purchase them - they were the right gold color in my opinion (a somewhat pale yellow), and the right chain size! They were plain but easy to dress up with supplies I had on hand!


  • Finished bracelet chain
  • Eye pin
  • Bead spacers
  • Round nose pliers
  • Flat nose pliers
  • Wire cutter

Here are the spacers I used - I got them in a pack of other jewelry supplies in a thrift store, so I'm not sure where you can get the exact ones, but you can purchase similar ones at any craft store. I love the gold on gold effect, but you can totally go for silver or copper on gold or even other beads!

Take your eye pin and thread your spacers in. I generally follow the odd-number rule as that makes it look nicer and more balanced, but you can totally go with how many you want. 

Bend the wire at the end, cut off the excess wire and loop to secure your spacer beads. 

Now take your finished jewelry chain and fold in half (not counting the bracelet extension part) and open the bracelet link on the half mark.

Finally, attach a bracelet link to either side of your spacer beads, and you are done!

Easy and fast - that's my kind of jewelry project these days. I feel like I have to swing by Michaels to grab a few more of these so I can make different kinds! But I am in a creative rut these days - so help me, guys, what kind of project would you like to see?


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