DIY: Double Row Nugget Necklace

Sometimes the easiest thing to do becomes your new favorite - that was the case with this necklace, for me at least. It's very versatile - make it with a different stone or bead, change up the length, make it single, double or even triple row. Make it in different colors to match every outfit you have in your wardrobe. So many options! And best thing is - it's very easy to make. Wanna know how?


Take a piece of crafting wire and loop a few times like in the photo above. 

If using chip nuggets, pick out ones which have a hole that goes from one side to the other, and flat when threaded with other nuggets. After threading your beads onto the wire, fold the wire on the end, leaving about 1/2" of wire and cutting off the rest. Loop it off to finish. 

Make two sets, and bend them a bit to make them curved. 

Attach them onto a length of jewelry chain (I made mine about 30"). Attach the second piece on top of the first piece using some jump rings. Finally, attach a lobster clasp and jump ring for closure and then you are done!

It's a very simple, very versatile necklace that you can build on or even layer with other pieces. 

What is your favorite bead or stone to craft with? Let me know in the comments down below! Have fun crafting, you guys! :)

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