Free Printable: Father's Day Card

Are you still looking for a card to give to Dad for Father's Day? Well, here's one for you! I made this card with the intention of giving it to my dad this coming Father's Day. We aren't exactly very open with each other, so I usually opt for the less sentimental cards - if that's up your alley, then you're more than welcome to download this! :)

This printable comes in a pdf format and sized at 5" x 5" when folded. I like the look of square cards sometimes and this is just a perfect design for it! Please note that this is for personal use only - thank you so much. :)

Wanting some different designs? Check out the printables I've made from the past years and take your pick!

These different ones are more modern in design, and there are a few options to choose from! Check them out in this post

Here's possibly one of my favorites I've ever designed - I love the lines and the vintage vibe of it! Download that here

But for this year, I like the simplicity and color of this one I just designed - sometimes we all need a little funk and color, don't you think? Which card do you prefer?


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