DIY: Dangling Teardrop Pearl Earrings

I really am digging making hammered jewelry these days - I find myself admiring every single one I've made, specially when I see them on someone I gifted them to (my mother-in-law, for example). Since I was craving another set, I busted out my thing-a-ma-jig (which is really great for wirework in my opinion) and started working on these pretty but simple earrings. Scroll down to find out how it was made!


Start with selecting your pearl beads - I chose these pretty coin-shaped ones from House of Gems - they really are colorful and one-of-a-kind. 

I obtained my thing-a-ma-jig kit from being a Darice contributor, and I've used it a lot ever since I got it! Use the jig to create your basic teardrop shape - using the big peg and two small pegs, as shown on the photo above. You can always make them with basic wire-working tools, but the jig helps me keep a more uniform size and shape to my earring pieces. 

Use your hammer and a bench block to flatten your wire down, starting from the curved bottom - this is to ensure your shape holds. Your wire will still be a bit pliable after hammering - so use that to re-shape it if needed be. 

You will want to hammer both sides of the teardrop piece. The smoothness of your hammer head will also affect how your final piece will look like - since my hammer had lots of pock marks, it lent a nice texture to my teardrop shape. 

To make your bead dangle, use a flat pin and thread your bead on it. Cut off the excess wire and loop the remaining to secure your bead in.  

Open the loop once again and hook it onto the teardrop shape and then close to secure it. 

Connect the earring to three jump rings as shown in the photo. 

Finally, attach your earring hook. And you are done!

As always, this is an easy-to-customize craft for whatever look you're going for - using real pearls will amp this up and make it look elegant, and using other beads will make it look more boho. Love how they turned out!

What beads would you use for it? Let me know in the comments - and as always, happy crafting, friends!


  1. These are SO pretty! Thank you for sharing this.

    1. You are welcome! I am glad you find them pretty :)


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